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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Brand Identity/Public Relations Consultant, Makeover Coach and Beauty Advisor

In 1999, Veronica's entrepreneurial spirit began to soar as her childhood dream of owning her own business was realized when she launched BIVI Productions and  Realizing her childhood dream wasn't always easy, she knew she had to tackle it head on, but Veronica realized she had what it took to be successful--regardless of challenging lifestyle changes and experiences she knew she had to overcome.  It was through this journey that Veronica was empowered to share her real-life story with people of all ages to inspire them to pursue their dreams.  As a speaker, Veronica enjoys sharing her story through "The Reality of Childhood Dreams™"--an enlightening, educational presentation and Interactive Lecture on How to Be A Goal-Setting Achiever.  Through this presentation, Veronica inspires individuals to believe in their innate ability and demonstrates how to identify and pursue God-given talents amidst day-to-day challenges.  Veronica tailors her presentation to students and adults of all ages.  "My mission is to inspire, enlighten, and empower people throughout the world.  Let me share my story, as I empower you to believe in yours."

She owns an award-winning marketing & media company, BIVI Productions, a One Stop Marketing Shop--through which she provides marketing and public relations consultation along with the necessary marketing products and services entrepreneurs need daily to promote their business. "At BIVI Productions, we build your venture's marketing suite.  We give your brand its footprint--its unique identity--across all platforms:  print, online, and broadcast. From printed marketing materials (i.e., company logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, etc) to online, print, and broadcast (i.e., company website, public relations and/or advertising campaign, video production, media features, content development, image development, etc).  We help you take your idea from conception to launch, selecting the right platforms, channels, and marketing tools you need to grow your business."--quotes Veronica.  As CEO, Veronica is the engine behind the vision, design, and intellectual property of several web-based media channels through which she produces lifestyle content for businesses to market their products and/or services to consumers online. "Through our special programs, we help businesses grow their audience and generate more online sales by broadcasting their brand in a unique way through creative campaigns on our web-based channels."--quotes Veronica.  Her company also offers education and business networking through member-based organizations--teaching entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to start a business what they need to know about marketing their business online.  "At BIVI Productions, we keep you ahead of your competition.  We get your unique message to your audience and help you get their business."--quotes Veronica.  

As Editor-in-Chief of—a lifestyle magazine, Veronica is responsible for the production and editorial direction of the online media product.  The magazine targets industry professionals in fashion, beauty, entertainment, the arts, and business with features of today’s notable personalities and talent--celebrities, affluent business leaders, and community leaders.  

Through BIVI Productions, Veronica hosts business networking events and social affairs that empower economic growth within communities by providing marketing opportunities for businesses.  Her company events have been sponsored by government, educational and financial institutions, retailers, and a host of small businesses including, but not limited to:  Rutgers--The State University, Middlesex County College, ProsperityNJ, NJ Commerce & Economic Growth Commission, New Jersey Small Business Administration (NJSBA), Sun National Bank, Provident Bank, AXA Advisors, SLEEPY’s the Mattress Professionals, Women of Influence Network Online, the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), and the National Association of Women Business Enterprises (NAWBE) .

As Editor-in-Chief of, Veronica employs her passion for fashion and beauty as a Makeover Coach by directing the channel's overall vision..  "At, we feature the best in healthy beauty brands, worldwide.  Our mission at is to promote healthy image solutions to teens and women.  We empower, inspire, and educate consumers through head-to-toe makeovers of extraordinary women, who share inspiring messages, one story at a time.  Our shop channel features the best in beauty brands, worldwide, so if you’re in that number, we’re looking to have you on board too!  Through our online content and live events, we feature key voices in the industry and bring awareness to health and wellness.  We educate consumers via "how-to" product demonstrations and highlight product benefits, selecting the best brands on the market.  From skin care, cosmetics, hair and body care, health & wellness tips, to the latest fashion trends."  

Amongst her many endeavors, Veronica's mission is to not only promote major brands but to also utilize her knowledge and expertise to promote and teach rising stars tactics on how to work with the media to help them obtain the media exposure they need to grow their venture.  At BIVI, we believe a rising star to be a business, talent, or personality who is teachable, and one who has not gained the media exposure it needs to successfully penetrate the market.  She regularly selects qualified businesses to invite them onboard various media campaigns to give them a platform to promote their business.  At her company's events, businesses connect with media, get featured, connect with businesses, obtain resources, learn about partnering with BIVI, and cost-effective advertising through our business subscriber programs.  She sees this venture as a vehicle to give back to an under-served community of talented professionals that deserve to be in the limelight too--an opportunity that every rising star would knock at her door to obtain.

* Veronica studied Public Relations & Fashion Styling at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  Veronica studied Digital Marketing at Rutgers Center for Management Development and Shaw Academy, .  Veronica studied Cosmetology at Reignbow Beauty Academy; and, Veronica studied Office Management and Word Processing at Lincoln Business Institute in New Jersey.